Your bedroom should be about you

(December 18, 2013 , posted in Interior Design)

We all concentrate on curb appeal. We all love our kitchens and living rooms and concentrate on appearances throughout our homes, but in the bedroom, comfort and luxury should really take precedence over anything else.

Bedrooms are intimate spaces where we retreat after long, hard days and whether we are enjoying the space alone or with someone, it should be somewhere in our home that represents who we are and allows us to completely relax and unwind. Bedrooms can be modern and funky, or whimsical and full of fluff, but no matter what…out of all the rooms in your house, your bedroom should represent you.
When you think about decorating your bedroom top designers from House & Home recommend that you:

Choose soothing colours that will calm the mind.

Invest in a great mattress, comfortable pillows and luxurious sheets.
Plan for different needs in lighting… such as, black out curtains or blinds and reading lights installed above the bed.

My advice? Personalize it! If you enjoy watching TV in bed, then mount a television where you can comfortably watch. If you enjoy reading, make sure you have good lighting and proper pillows to enjoy your evening and mornings doing the things you love in a space that you can call your own.

This example bedroom to the right is one of my favourite bedroom examples because I love how it uses the ample light in this room but protects the sleeping parties from the glare of it. Twinkling lights at night surround this space and yet the owners have managed to create privacy and entertainment without losing their view. I love it.