Vancouver Artist Feature:  Zoë Pawlak 

(February 24, 2014 )

Of all the things we do when we buy a new home, what we hang on the walls probably says the most about us. What is it we want to look at every day as we walk through our home?... upon waking?... upon retiring?... when welcoming guests into our home?.. Art, like our homes, speaks volumes about who we are and how we perceive the world. To assist my clients in the task of finding the right art for their homes, I make an effort to know Interior Designers and Artists in our local community. Today's feature is internationally renowned,   Zoë Pawlak - Artist, Entrepreneur, Networker-Extraordinnaire, Mother, Wife, Friend to many and a woman whose works of art inevitably make your house a more personal and beautiful place to call home. 

Zoe Pawlak North Vancouver Interior Design

Zoë Pawlak is a local Vancouver contemporary artist working with private clients, interior designers and select brands with whom I have had the pleasure of spending both personal and professional time. Pawlak's work has vibrancy and a tenacity that is all at once a welcome shock to the senses while it soothes the soul. While every stroke of colour awakens something inside of the viewer, the presence of Pawlak's work in one's home elevates the entire surroundings. 

Pawlak's work is available for commission for private homes throughout Vancouver, as well as, internationally. Her entire portfolio is viewable here. Most recently, Pawlak was a creator in a collection of stunning rugs that display her artwork in all its glory beneath your feet, rather than just on the walls of your home. When I visited with her recently, Pawlak remarked how perfect an avenue the rug seemed for sharing art and adding volumes of design to the home. I really couldn't agree more...

Zoe Pawlak Rugs
Available at Burritt Bros. Carpets & Floors, the collection, which is a series of five graphic area rugs inspired by a single Pawlak painting, is a stunning example of what is possible when art, technology, and business meet. “It has been incredible Over Oceans, a piece that is so personal for me, transformed into something entirely new,” says Pawlak. “Through this rug collection, I’ve been able to explore the variations that are made possible by working in a new medium. It’s opened up an incredible opportunity to connect with art buyers in whole new way.”  Pawlak's full collection of rugs is viewable here. 

No doubt there are many more exciting things to come from Pawlak as her horizons and her portfolio continue to expand. Please feel free to contact me for any further information. 

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