Choosing the Right Location for Your Real Estate Investment: Why Lower Lonsdale?

(April 24, 2014 , posted in Investment Property)

Nobody has a crystal ball when it comes to investing in real estate however there is a tried and true approach that always pays off. Location, location, location! Choosing to invest in a great location has always produced the best results, but what are the parameters for determining  what is a ‘great location’?  Well, it's not as hard as you may think...
For instance, let's use  the Lower Lonsdale neigbourhood in North Vancouver as an example..
Lower Lonsdale Official Community Plan
Here are just a few reasons why this particular location makes for a great investment opportunity.

  1. SURROUNDING INDUSTRY:  The federal government awarded the Vancouver shipyards a $3.3 billion and this will require  as many as 1,000 skilled workers to fill numerous jobs in North Vancouver. This industry is expected to generate more than 15,000 jobs over the next 30 years which translates into a lot of highly paid skilled workers moving into this area who will need a place to live. 
  2. TRANSIT:  Is the area serviced by more than one type of transit route? Lower Lonsdale has easy access to the Sea Bus to downtown which connects you directly to YVR on the Canada line and gives you access to the entire lower mainland from the waterfront sky train station. It's also an area that is serviced by the Bus system and offers drivers quick access to the highway and a bridge to and from the shore. Therefore, whether you work in North Van or in Vancouver, the commute is relatively simple and quick.
  3. AMENITIES:  An area such as Lower Lonsdale offers a truly walkable lifestyle.  Shops and services are located within a few blocks radius of most new buildings giving the Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood an enviable walkscore of 93. This means that although you may want to own a car, there is no need to own a car living here. While this has always been a plus, it has perhaps become of even greater benefit in recent years as Baby Boomers begin to downsize and are looking to drive less... AND, the Millennials who are actively becoming Real Estate Investors themselves, are less keen on owning a car than any previous generation. The idea of living where you work and working where you play is more appealing than ever before because it is no longer merely a possibility but a reality for many individuals. 
  4. OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN: Always consider the OCP and ask you Realtor to dig into it for you if they don't know. Generally where there is a good opportunity for investment it will be supported by a community plan that supports growth, community, development, services, lifestyle and all the aforementioned points noted herein.  

Lower Lonsdale is a great example because it has all of the things one is looking for in a solid investment. 
If you are interested in investing in Lower Lonsdale and wish to know more about the OCP you can watch the video of the plan HERE. 
If you don't have time to watch it, here are the proposed highlights:
  • A large permanent ferris wheel at the end of the existing pier.
  • A 21,000 square foot covered outdoor amphitheatre with erupting water features during the summer that converts into a 15,000 square foot covered ice rink in the winter (2.5 times larger than the 6,000 square foot Robson Square ice rink). The plaza will ideally host a minimum of 250 event days a year and can only be used for public events.
  • The amphitheatre/ice rink’s tensile structure covering will include fixed exterior and interior interactive/programmable LED lighting.
  • Spaces for vendors, food carts, street performances, and event stages.
  • Restaurants and a microbrewery within existing structures.
  • A new 60,000 square building for retail and restaurant space (no chains or franchises).
  • Well-designed public spaces, with extensive street furniture, and a garden and gazebo.
For other information such as stats on the area or types of current and upcoming investments in North Vancouver, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email or phone/text. 778-386-0771

There are many great Real Estate investments to be made right now and my job as a Real Estate Professional is to help you make the right choice. Lower Lonsdale is a great option but one of many Vancouver currently offers. 

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