District of North Vancouver Community Update 2014

(May 09, 2014 , posted in North Vancouver)

Lunching with the North Vancouver District Mayor, Richard Walton, and City Planners and Officials is always enlightening. The fact that North Vancouver is changing rapidly is not a secret. Some days it feels like the entire city is under construction and the frustration with road closures and traffic delays amongst residents is palpable...the truth is, it will get worse before it gets better. 


The District Official Community Plan (OCP) calls for an expected population of 20,000 new residents  by 2030 (40,000 expected across the entire North Shore) requiring a minimum of 10,000 new homes in the District alone. In order to protect our lifestyle, social well-being and single-family neighborhoods, the District has created an OCP with a focus on four distinct Village Town Centres. These multi-family complex developments are supported by retail, community services, restaurants, office, pedestrian and bike-friendly areas, as well as transit. The goal is to centre growth in these areas in order to create vibrant communities that will enhance under-used areas of North Vancouver and stimulate economic growth for the District.

The Four Main Areas of District Development - each with a distinct urban environment.
1. Lower Capilano Marine Village Centre
2. Lynn Valley Village Centre
3. Lower Lynn Valley Village Centre
4. Maplewood Village Centre
The District of North Vancouver OCP Village Plans

1. Lower Capilano Marine Village Centre: 
Plans for this centre include 2000 new units over three years. The four current hotels will be consolidated into one and a new community centre is proposed for the residents of the area and will be part of the complex known as CAPWEST which will include 450 residential units as well as a private underground storage facility on the P3 level of the development. 
Another complex in this new village will be known as GROUSE INN and will have a total of 262 residential units with a commercial base including a small grocer and a flagship restaurant.
Transit will continue to run through the centre; bus as well as bike lanes will be expanded to allow for increases in traffic to and from the neighborhood. 
Low-rise, high density housing will flow into the low-rise, high-density housing we are already in development along the Marine Drive corridor. 

2. Lynn Valley Village Centre
The Lynn Valley Village is well underway and changes have been well-received. Further development plans include 2500 new residential units over the next several years. BOSA, which owns Lynn Valley Mall, plans to develop the old Zellers location with a low-rise building that will have 390 residential units, a new grocer and an upgrade to the interior of the mall. 
Polygon has developed Canyon Springs - a 108 unit low-rise, which is currently selling and conveniently located just off Mountain Highway. 
Lynn Valley Town Centre will continue to build on the existing strong commercial core with recreational and civic uses supported by a strong sense of community. The land use policy for the areas focuses on higher density in the core of the Town Centre so that residents can walk to and from shops, services, employment and cultural events. Easy access to transit will be maintained throughout the area as the multi-family housing along the edges of town transitions gradually to the surrounding low density residential areas. 

3. Lower Lynn Valley Village Centre
Centrally located within the District at the Second Narrows Bridgehead and connected to Lower Lonsdale via Main Street/Low Level Road, Lower Lynn is well situated for the creation of a complete community. 3000 new residential units are anticipated to be built over the next 20 years. Seylynn Village is well under way and will provide a three tower residential village in a pedestrian friendly community. 
Access to the area will be improved greatly with the Keith Road Bridge project - this will see the bridge crossing expanded from a two lane bridge to a five lane bridge crossing. This has been approved and construction will start later this year. 
The goal is to make Lower Lynn the outstanding model of urban living in harmony with the North Shore's natural environment, parks and trails. (More on this Village Centre in an upcoming blog post dedicated just to this area).

4. Maplewood Village Centre
Located between Mt Seymour Parkway and Dollarton Highway, Maplewood Village is a unique place in the District given its proximity to the waterfront, its industrial neighbors, character and its immediate connection to transit and the Second Narrows Bridge access to Downtown, Burnaby and more..  A residential community of approximately 1000 people exists in the current mix of older, more affordable rental town homes and low rise apartments. Retention and enhancement of the character and features is a critical factor for the Maplewood development. Plans include construction of 1500 new residential units in the form of new Townhomes.