Keith Road Bridge Expansion, North Vancouver

(May 12, 2014 , posted in North Vancouver)

Keith Road Bridge project - this will see the bridge crossing expanded from a two lane bridge to a four lane bridge crossing. This has been approved and construction may start as early as later this year. 

The District is starting design of the new Keith Road Bridge and is targeting to replace the bridge in 2015. The District intends to build a new bridge that will include two travel lanes in each direction as well as bike lanes and sidewalks in both directions. The bridge project will also need to include an upgrade to the block of Keith Road from Mountain Highway/Lynnmouth Avenue to the bridge to include four travel lanes through the length.

Once construction is complete, trips previously made to/from Fern Street will now use Keith Road instead. The new Keith Road extension will provide a direct connection between Seymour/Highway 1 and the Keith Road Bridge. Trips onto Mountain Highway South will require a left turn at the signalized intersection of Keith Road and Mountain Highway South (whereas that turn was previously made at the signalized intersection of Fern Street and Mountain Highway).