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Changes to Strata Property Act Opens Up Investment Opportunities

(October 29, 2015, posted in Investment Property)

Metro Vancouver’s aging condominium and townhouse projects could be the new target of developers when proposed changes to the Strata Property Act go into effect in the very near future...

Changes to the strata property act will be a big deal to anyone who owns an old condo as strata can be dissolved with 80% vote rather than requiring 100% of all owners to agree as has been the case in the past. Th... read more.


(July 01, 2015, posted in Investment Property)

The Effect of the Chinese Buyer #CHINARISING

In the last five years, foreign investment in real estate from the Chinese Buyer has increased from $17Billion to $131Billion and it is climbing rapidly. The top countries for these Chinese real estate investment dollars are:
1. United States
2. Australia
3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
The most expensive cities like New York, Sydney and London continue to domina... read more.


(June 29, 2015, posted in Investment Property)

Is Investing in Vancouver Real Estate a Good Idea?

Vancouver is one of the rare cities in the world with a limited supply of usable land. Bordered by mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, builders and developers have only two choices: build it up or knock it down. There is no urban sprawl here...

Throughout Metro Vancouver there are several areas that city planners have allocated for co... read more.

Investing in Vancouver Real Estate

(September 13, 2014, posted in Investment Property)

Think you can't find a good investment in Vancouver's Real Estate Market anymore? 

Think again. Opportunity is everywhere and here are just a few examples. There is always opportunity if you work with a Real Estate Professional, know where to look, understand the development plans, recognize where population growth is happening and see the potential

The following content is pulled directly from a re... read more.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Real Estate Investment: Why Lower Lonsdale?

(April 24, 2014, posted in Investment Property)

Nobody has a crystal ball when it comes to investing in real estate however there is a tried and true approach that always pays off. Location, location, location! Choosing to invest in a great location has always produced the best results, but what are the parameters for determining  what is a ‘great location’?  Well, it's not as hard as you may think...

For instance, let's use the Lower Lonsdale nei... read more.