Buying and Selling Real Estate is a Team Effort

Buying real estate is a team effort co-ordinated by a group of professionals. These are some of the people you will need to buy and / or sell your property.

Real Estate Brokers

Your Broker is an integral part of your team when buying or selling a home. As your Broker, I can give you access to properties that never make it to the MLS website. Many properties are sold in a matter of days, and it can often take longer to make it through the MLS process. Brokers gain access to information about homes that may come on the market before any listing is signed. The more important part of my job is to consult with you and develop a strategy for negotiating the very best purchase price if you are buying and / or the very best sale price if you are selling. It is my job to know the market very well and as your Broker I would share that information with you, educating you on fair market value and presenting you with a variety of options available that meet your criteria. In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s very difficult to acquire any property without the help of a real estate professional.

Mortgage Brokers

A Mortgage Broker is there to give you impartial advice on where the market’s going (are rates going up or down or are there new products and features available?) so that you are equipped with information that’ll help you make informed financial decisions. A Mortgage Broker’s job is to work with you on qualifying you for the mortgage you require at the very best rate available and because they work independently and are not tied to any one bank, they have the ability to shop around until they find what it is right for you. I have developed relationships with numerous brokers and can recommend a qualified broker to help you through the mortgage process.

Lawyers and Notaries

Arrangements will need to be made for a notary or lawyer to draw up the mortgage documents and register them on file for you. Since the visit to your lawyer is the last step in the entire process, it’s extremely important that this is handled with care. I can recommend a qualified and professional lawyer or notary who specializes in real estate transactions that can help streamline this process.

Home Inspectors

Whether old or new, whether big or small, this is probably the best you can spend when buying a new home. While a competitive situation may not enable you to have an inspection done, it’s highly recommended and can even be done after your purchase is complete should you choose not to do it before. Whenever possible, have an inspection done so that you’re completely informed about what you can’t see behind the walls, on the roof or simply in places where didn't look. There may be mould, old wiring or leaks that’ll cost you a lot to fix down the road. It's always better to be prepared than surprised when it comes to biggest investment and your home. I can recommend a professional inspector to help set your mind at ease.


I invite you to meet some of the professionals I have the pleasure of working with on a regular basis. In this business I am often asked for referrals – whether that be for a Home Inspector a Decorator or a Mortgage Advisor. It is crucial that the people I recommend are individuals I can trust to treat my clients with the same amount of respect and care that they are used to receiving from me. Therefore, I will only put my clients in touch with those whom I have worked with and have found to be reliable, honest and excellent at what they do.

Because of the multi-cultural nature of Vancouver and the high volume of foreign investment we receive in real estate throughout the area, it is very important that language and culture do not become a barrier to doing business. This is why I have included on my team other Brokers with whom I am able to work with in a co-operative manner. Therefore, when necessary, we are able to co-list and / or co-tour along with clients who may be more comfortable doing business in their first language. My team offers services in French, German, Farsi and Mandarin.

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