Welcome Beautiful Light Beings

we live in extraordinary times. the world is changing so rapidly as the old, linear ways of approaching life are broken and falling away… this is actually positive news as the human collective is ready for a radical transformation of consciousness!

we live on an ascending planet. as we move into a new part of the galaxy, we are returning to a time simultaneously familiar and new… the effects of this are palpable and are pushing each of us individually to evolve.. these are ascension energies and they aren’t always comfortable. we are moving beyond the known and discovering that we are on the initiatic path of cosmic evolution…

It’s time to embody a new vision of cocreation & coexistence – a quantum leap in the awareness of how we see ourselves…  peace & respect for all beings.. a sense of connection & unification with Life. A New Earth is being born and as it comes into being, the associated chaos poses challenges that simultaneously create space for the new to birth into being ~ this makes humans nervous ~ we like the familiar even if we don’t. However, challenges offer us the opportunity to embrace wonderful new experiences and embody our true divinity.

With great LOVE in my heart, I offer my light and thank you for shining yours so that I may come to know mine and together we may come to know each other as ONE.


Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?… if you resonate with these questions, you are on the conscious path and you are in the right place.  These are the primary questions humanity has forgotten to ask but cannot avoid.

We are so much more than we have been told and now is the time of remembering who we are in Truth. There is no source outside of us that can give us the answers we seek, for the Source of our Divine, Infinite Nature sits within us, waiting for the moment of surrender

There is nothing to do except allow the flow to move through us in alignment with the highest good for all. Each step reveals itself as the next along the Light Worker’s path of constant change and there are always signs guiding us along the journey. Make the path conscious and the communication flows both ways. 

You are never alone on this path and deep within we know this, but in the sometimes painful illusion of separation, we forget that we are ONE. In our forgetting, we misperceive the challenges along our path as obstacles instead of opportunities for growth, redirection and reconnection with our Soul along the way. 

After all, if we are ALL born with inherent divine purpose (as all things in Nature are), then would it not follow that living this Soul purpose in every possible way would serve us greatly? Divine Intelligence is beyond human logic which is why we must expand our consciousness to go beyond that which we have known.

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light warrior messages

welcome starseeds, light warriors & cosmic children! Now is the time to remember who we are and receive our light from beyond the veils. We are ready to engage with and embody the full Spiritual

11.11.21 – light beings

Light Warriors are known by many names. What we are called is not as important the messages we bring through us into this Earth experience. We know that being a Light Worker means

fear is contagious

Fear, like everything else, is an energy. It requires resonance to survive – to feed itself. Like any energy it cannot attach to us if we are not resonant, in harmony or vibration



Living in Joy

Joy is clarity running through us. The energy of true joy is the electric sensation of bliss in the veins; a “smiling on the inside” (have you ever felt your liver smiling?), laughing


Alchemizing 3D Challenges into 5D Opportunities

  Alchemizing 3D Challenges into 5D Opportunities Reclaiming our multi-dimensional Divine Nature activates us to once again receive the information from all the subtle layers of who we are so that we begin


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Cosmic Soul Journey

We are all receiving messages from our guides and angels, as well as our Higher Self, every day, all day… our work is to tune into them so we can align with our highest Self and divine purpose for choosing to incarnate at this time on Earth.