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light warrior messages

welcome starseeds, light warriors & cosmic children! Now is the time to remember who we are and receive our light from beyond the veils. We are ready to engage with and embody the full Spiritual

bringing consciousness in

We are here to bring consciousness into this dimension. Eckhart Tolle Humanity is here on Earth with divine purpose. We are remembering who we are and realizing we are not the form we

ascension alchemy

Alchemy is as old as time itself. Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Learn how to see. Everything is connected to everything else.” and he was right as we now know everything is energy

11.11.21 – light beings

Light Warriors are known by many names. What we are called is not as important the messages we bring through us into this Earth experience. We know that being a Light Worker means

wrapped up in malas

MALAS Mala is a Sanskrit term that means garland and in India there are many different kinds of malas. Their purposes may vary from person to person, but traditionally in India and in

fear is contagious

Fear, like everything else, is an energy. It requires resonance to survive – to feed itself. Like any energy it cannot attach to us if we are not resonant, in harmony or vibration

Living in Joy

Joy is clarity running through us. The energy of true joy is the electric sensation of bliss in the veins; a “smiling on the inside” (have you ever felt your liver smiling?), laughing

Intuitive Alchemy

Inside each one of us lies a universe of infinite potential and EXPANSION. Source Energy is simply waiting for us to align with it so that we may enter the dance and begin the process of consciously co-creating this dream together.

Many of us already intuitively know this. We have heard the whisperings of our hearts during sleepless nights. We have heard the call of our Soul our entire lives, but didn’t know how to respond… and so we waited. We asked for signs, doubted our intuition and questioned our purpose. Modern society has become so tuned to the external frequencies of the world, that we have completely forgotten how to listen to ourselves.

chop wood, carry water..

He who in action can see inaction and can see action still continuing in cessation from works, is the man of true reason and discernment among men; he is in Yoga and a

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