ॐ Connect with your Soul!

Learn how to tune into the subtler energies of our reality, as well as ways to clear, transmute and transform energy to raise your own vibrational frequency.

Together we will deeply reflect upon your current life experiences and discover how to be more self-aware and alchemize the lessons of this time on Earth from a multi-dimensional perspective.

Align with your Divine Intuitive Knowing and how to allow it to align you with your Soul’s Purpose here on Earth.


During each session I will hold space for you to experience re-connection and alignment with your Highest Self and Soul. My intentions are not to persuade you into following any one path or convince you of anything. My role during each session is to offer reflections that support you in the conscious expansion of your Divine unlimited potential and power – the opportunity is alchemical transformation, deep healing, self-realization and conscious embodiment.

This is about you connecting with your Soul, your highest Self, your deepest Truth and Soul’s purpose here on Earth.

Together we will journey within and explore the infinite possibilities of this truly quantum reality!

In a soul session you are given the opportunity to receive:

  • a new perspective,
  • energetic activations,
  • deep acceptance of “higher” knowing,
  • deep realizations about who you truly are,
  • deep realizations about what you truly want in life,
  • purification of your energy field,
  • messages from your Spirit Guides,
  • release of karmic ties to this lifetime and others,
  • guidance toward the release of worry, anxiety, stress, anger and fear,
  • support for all the challenging stages of your “Dark Night of the Soul” journey,
  • support for the many challenging stages of Awakening and self-realization (individually & collectively),
  • guidance from a 5th Dimensional (and beyond) Consciousness,
  • new insight into current life struggles – turning challenges into opportunities,
  • alignment with your Soul,
  • alignment with your Soul Purpose,
  • Yogic teachings to assist you in staying aligned,
  • further recommendations as needed: books, practises & resources to support you on your spiritual path.

Soul Sessions

This is a level of work that supports the processes of the “dark night of the soul”, sudden awakenings, feeling like a “lost soul”, and genuinely searching for ways to spiritually connect with one’s highest Self.  

  • Each session is schedule for a 55-65 minute window of clock time.
  • Sessions will be booked via Secure Video Chat & a link will be given to you upon confirmation.
  • Each session begins with an email communication to set up a time and recommendations to prepare for your session.
  • Sessions are booked in PST – email me below to book a time.

You are magical and the gift that you have been called to used is a blessing!! The article you shared has been one I have reread and found new little nuggets! I have come back to my truth and asked questions before actions. A lot of verbal journaling has been taking place and WOW. I will say this again…you are a gift! Thank you thank you thank you!


ॐ Embody your Soul..

The “purpose” of these sessions is to help you align with your Soul and Soul’s Purpose. By bringing ourselves into greater alignment and harmony with our Souls, everything in our lives changes. We are more open, more free to see choices and opportunities where we once pictured hardship. 

Everything we want lives on the other side of our fear ~ 

To align our lives with the Divine is to move away from fear and from living a mind-centred life to embracing love in the unknown and a heart-centred life. You are no longer chasing life – Life comes to YOU! in Divine harmony, flow and appreciation for the journey and the blessings of being here now.

EMPOWER yourself by aligning with your highest Truth in communion with your Soul!


The ascension process is multi-layered, multi-dimensional and involves many stages of awakening. Without a spiritual perspective and proper support, this process can be very overwhelming. Humanity is evolving in consciousness – a paradigm shift on Earth that is changing everything. On the outside this may appear as “the end of the world” which, without the knowledge of the “higher”, spiritual and Cosmic perspective on these times of great change, creates anxiety and fear in people; however, when we connect with and remember who we truly are as Divine Souls, Creator Beings, Master Manifestors, and multi-dimensional Beings of Soul Light, we remember that there is nothing to fear. We may be in the world, but we are of the Light! This process of revelation and innerstanding of these deep, Universal Truths requires flexibility, openness and expansion – it means going beyond the known as you have experienced this life to be by aligning with your true power as a consciously embodied Divine Being of Infinite Potential.

Consciously Embody Your Soul

When we align with our Soul’s Divine purpose for being here now, we float down the river of life instead of constantly swimming upstream…

Discover your Soul.

Design your Life