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light warrior messages

welcome starseeds, light warriors & cosmic children! Now is the time to remember who we are and receive our light from beyond the veils. We are ready to engage with and embody the full Spiritual

Intuitive Alchemy

Inside each one of us lies a universe of infinite potential and EXPANSION. Source Energy is simply waiting for us to align with it so that we may enter the dance and begin the process of consciously co-creating this dream together.

Many of us already intuitively know this. We have heard the whisperings of our hearts during sleepless nights. We have heard the call of our Soul our entire lives, but didn’t know how to respond… and so we waited. We asked for signs, doubted our intuition and questioned our purpose. Modern society has become so tuned to the external frequencies of the world, that we have completely forgotten how to listen to ourselves.

Shifting Consciousness

By now many of us have heard of ascension – the evolving process of which we are currently in that is consistently calling humanity forward into the “great awakening” and beyond; the return

VISHUDDHA ~ sacred sound

The throat chakra regulates our relationship with authenticity, creativity, understanding and expression. If we are emitting a lower vibration with our words, we will create and receive low vibrational experiences. The sound waves we create with our voice are corresponded by the Universe. THE WORD CREATES. (Abracadabra)

Me to We

Everything and nothing are WE – connected thru a quantum energetic web of consciousness, forever in the eternal moment of NOW. As a humanity, we are expanding into greater and greater levels of consciousness and remembering who we are and as we do so, many of us are beginning to understand that true fulfillment isn’t discovered inside an ego-centred vacuum of “me” energy. The happiness and joy we seek to experience in this life is found in unity consciousness.

Fragile + Fierce

CONSCIOUS CO-CREATORS   This time on Earth is fragile and fierce. The more light that comes in, the more darkness will reveal itself in plain sight. Throughout our world and within ourSelves, these

Free to Evolve

No matter which teacher, idol or guru we turn to, no matter which books we read or which courses we take, it is always us teaching ourselves who we are.. always student and