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Intuitive Alchemy

Inside each one of us lies a universe of infinite potential and EXPANSION. Source Energy is simply waiting for us to align with it so that we may enter the dance and begin the process of consciously co-creating this dream together.

Many of us already intuitively know this. We have heard the whisperings of our hearts during sleepless nights. We have heard the call of our Soul our entire lives, but didn’t know how to respond… and so we waited. We asked for signs, doubted our intuition and questioned our purpose. Modern society has become so tuned to the external frequencies of the world, that we have completely forgotten how to listen to ourselves.

become the witness

“become the witness” Today’s soul session meditation brought through a very powerful and timely message for all of us. During this time of great change on Earth, many of us are realizing that

Free to Evolve

No matter which teacher, idol or guru we turn to, no matter which books we read or which courses we take, it is always us teaching ourselves who we are.. always student and

the tunnel is the illusion

sometimes we have to stop. sometimes we have to let go of everything to discover who we really are.. “sometimes” is every time and the only way down the rabbit hole is through a place where bullshit and baggage don’t fit. it’s the moment you realize the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t the illusion –

2017 Intentions

“One who looks outside, dreams. One who looks inside, awakens.” 

They say a goal without a plan is a only a dream. They say without goals we are aimless, lacking motivation, even lost. But they forget that within the universe there are ways to grow beyond our wildest expectations when we let go of the notion that we are in control. 

remembering who we are

Cosmic human child in infinite spirals of dimensions in a time we call reality in a space we call earth in a dimension we call the third amidst an infinite number of other possibilities for names, place & time, we exist at once infinite in our being & tied to this place & time by a reality that is only ever changing in infinite spirals of evolution & light.