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Aligning our Chakras & Creating Coherence

To be in alignment is to feel whole, clear and balanced within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, as well as within the cosmos. Alignment is a process of clearing, purging and releasing that which does not serve us. In other words, are we coherent with the Universal Law governing each chakra?

VISHUDDHA ~ sacred sound

The throat chakra regulates our relationship with authenticity, creativity, understanding and expression. If we are emitting a lower vibration with our words, we will create and receive low vibrational experiences. The sound waves we create with our voice are corresponded by the Universe. THE WORD CREATES. (Abracadabra)

MANIPURA & the Solar Plexus

To heal, open and balance the Solar Plexus we need to begin by exploring where we hold the most resistance to Life. Stepping out of our routines / comfort zones will help to wake up latent energies within this chakra and move us toward discovery of repetitive behavioural patterns that are leaking, suppressing or fighting this powerful energy source. Learn to release anger without rage. What must I understand, let go of or embrace in order to free up my energy? What boundaries do I need to set in order to protect Vital energy leaking from this area?

SAHASRARA & the Crown Chakra

The 7th Chakra and the Crown / Pituitary is associated with spiritual understanding, cosmic consciousness, claircognizance, knowing / REALIZATION, mind, clarity and connection to Source “above”. The Crown connects to the Eternal and both gives and receives cosmic consciousness.