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AJNA – Sacred Sight

With a balanced and open Third Eye you will find it much easier to distinguish Truth from illusion. Intuition flows effortlessly and you will find it easier to make wise decisions with clear foresight grounded in your reality and not in fantasy. You may experience a sense of inner calm, boundlessness and freedom.

MANIPURA & the Solar Plexus

To heal, open and balance the Solar Plexus we need to begin by exploring where we hold the most resistance to Life. Stepping out of our routines / comfort zones will help to wake up latent energies within this chakra and move us toward discovery of repetitive behavioural patterns that are leaking, suppressing or fighting this powerful energy source. Learn to release anger without rage. What must I understand, let go of or embrace in order to free up my energy? What boundaries do I need to set in order to protect Vital energy leaking from this area?

SVADHISTANA & the Sacral Chakra

Polarity is not to be confused with “good” and “bad” for these are constructs of the human ego. But just as there is dark and light, above and below, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forces in the world, polarity helps us to create new energies, the evolutionary path and our creative centre located in the Sacral.

ANAHATA & the Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is connected to our search for Harmony. We create Harmony in our lives by aligning with the waves in coherence as we learn to “ride the wave”. As beings with emotional bodies and guidance systems, we have to constantly flow in and out. Harmony is not about always feeling happy – or any one way. Harmony is allowing the Flow so that if we feel sad, we allow ourselves to feel sad – to go within and see a part of ourSelves that was not recognized. We learn to “wait”, to sit with and recognize the within until it processes and we are ready to go without again into happiness. The waves will change when the rhythm has changed on its own in accordance with our higher Vibration.

The 7 Chakras & the 7 Laws of the Universe

The 7 laws of the Universe are laws from the core of the Universe that hold us in order of the expansion and the constant Creation of the Universe. These are not laws we are taught in mainstream schools. These are Universal laws discovered by the Seeker who travels deep within themSelves to the core of their being, as well as, through the Initiatic and Yogic Paths.

Chakra Energy Bodies

Chakras are non-physical, multi-dimensional, energetic portals in the layered body that form a gravitational link with our DNA strands, holding it in place and creating a portal of communication between our physical and non-physical Selves.

SAHASRARA & the Crown Chakra

The 7th Chakra and the Crown / Pituitary is associated with spiritual understanding, cosmic consciousness, claircognizance, knowing / REALIZATION, mind, clarity and connection to Source “above”. The Crown connects to the Eternal and both gives and receives cosmic consciousness.