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SVADHISTANA & the Sacral Chakra

Polarity is not to be confused with “good” and “bad” for these are constructs of the human ego. But just as there is dark and light, above and below, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forces in the world, polarity helps us to create new energies, the evolutionary path and our creative centre located in the Sacral.

Full Moon Energies & Rituals

The full moon provides the opportunity for cleansing and releasing the old, creating space for new seeds to be planted and grow during the next cycle. Luna in her fullness invites us to open our hearts and minds to the power of emotion, to show us Truth and connect us with our Souls. She teaches us not to hide our emotions but that it is by learning to accept and release emotions – as the witness – that we begin to heal and are able to see and accept Truth again…

Practice the pause

Mindfulness is the ability to focus on the present moment – and like all arts, the art of mindfulness has the ability to greatly enhance our lives and takes practice.

Meditation ~ to heal…

You can focus on your breath, a constant noise in the background, such as a river or the air conditioning, or even the tip of your nose. It does not matter what you focus on, what matters is that you do.