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New Moon Energy & Rituals

✩ The first New Moon of 2021 comes at a time in our world when courage lies at the heart of everything we do; it comes at a time when we are being asked to dig deep & INTEGRATE the shadow aspects of ourselves into the wholeness of our multi-dimensional Being; it comes at a time when humanity is waking up to the multi-dimensional nature of reality; it is a stargate opening for Souls ready to EXPAND their consciousness.

Full Moon Energies & Rituals

The full moon provides the opportunity for cleansing and releasing the old, creating space for new seeds to be planted and grow during the next cycle. Luna in her fullness invites us to open our hearts and minds to the power of emotion, to show us Truth and connect us with our Souls. She teaches us not to hide our emotions but that it is by learning to accept and release emotions – as the witness – that we begin to heal and are able to see and accept Truth again…