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Intuitive Alchemy

Inside each one of us lies a universe of infinite potential and EXPANSION. Source Energy is simply waiting for us to align with it so that we may enter the dance and begin the process of consciously co-creating this dream together.

Many of us already intuitively know this. We have heard the whisperings of our hearts during sleepless nights. We have heard the call of our Soul our entire lives, but didn’t know how to respond… and so we waited. We asked for signs, doubted our intuition and questioned our purpose. Modern society has become so tuned to the external frequencies of the world, that we have completely forgotten how to listen to ourselves.

Realizing our Divine Potential

REALIZING OUR TRUE DIVINE POTENTIAL Everything we want in life we desire because we believe it will make us happier, “better” people in the achieving of it. Whatever your definition of “better” may

You Are the Medicine

You are the Medicine. Life is the Ritual. we live in extraordinary times. the world is changing so rapidly as the old, linear ways of approaching life are broken and falling away… this

Aligning our Chakras & Creating Coherence

To be in alignment is to feel whole, clear and balanced within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, as well as within the cosmos. Alignment is a process of clearing, purging and releasing that which does not serve us. In other words, are we coherent with the Universal Law governing each chakra?

Blinded by the Light

Lightwork is not about hippie music, boho clothes, New Age bullshit or Burning Man festivals; it’s not about being a saviour, nor is it about being “saved”. It is about taking responsibility for ourselves, our lives, each other and our planet. Lightwork isn’t just talking about “love and light” and feeling the good vibrations all the time, especially when there is pain in our world and hearts.

Free to Evolve

No matter which teacher, idol or guru we turn to, no matter which books we read or which courses we take, it is always us teaching ourselves who we are.. always student and