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Vichara Yoga

The YOGA of Knowing Thyself.. For many, if not most, the physical practices of yoga are the first to be explored. Traditional hatha yoga postures prepare the body for conscious embodiment and meditation

The Art of Sadhana

Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice that is cultivated over time. It can also be translated as “realization” for within the concept is the understanding that this as an art of true devotion

aura miracle kriya

The aura, also known as the 8th chakra, is part of the magnetic energy field or force that surrounds our entire body and all other chakras. The aura both protects a person from negative energies but may become polluted from daily interactions. The aura projects our true nature into the world and magnetically pulls to us resonant energies and repels unwanted ones when it is strong.

VISHUDDHA ~ sacred sound

The throat chakra regulates our relationship with authenticity, creativity, understanding and expression. If we are emitting a lower vibration with our words, we will create and receive low vibrational experiences. The sound waves we create with our voice are corresponded by the Universe. THE WORD CREATES. (Abracadabra)

SVADHISTANA & the Sacral Chakra

Polarity is not to be confused with “good” and “bad” for these are constructs of the human ego. But just as there is dark and light, above and below, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine forces in the world, polarity helps us to create new energies, the evolutionary path and our creative centre located in the Sacral.

MULADHARA & the Root Chakra

To begin healing and balancing our Root chakra we may need to do some Shadow work to begin exploring the Root of our fears. This will help us to shift our awareness to our authentic Self and help us to release the urge to fight, protect or defend a hidden “enemy”. Anytime we do Shadow work we are raising our Vibration even if it does not feel like it in the moment – it is only by shining the light on our Shadows that they are revealed and it is only by learning to accept these Shadow aspects of our Self that we can begin to truly Love who we are – for if we do not know ourSelves, we do not know who to Love. Without Love we can never be truly powerful as Love IS the Generating Life Force in the Universe.

ANAHATA & the Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is connected to our search for Harmony. We create Harmony in our lives by aligning with the waves in coherence as we learn to “ride the wave”. As beings with emotional bodies and guidance systems, we have to constantly flow in and out. Harmony is not about always feeling happy – or any one way. Harmony is allowing the Flow so that if we feel sad, we allow ourselves to feel sad – to go within and see a part of ourSelves that was not recognized. We learn to “wait”, to sit with and recognize the within until it processes and we are ready to go without again into happiness. The waves will change when the rhythm has changed on its own in accordance with our higher Vibration.

the tunnel is the illusion

sometimes we have to stop. sometimes we have to let go of everything to discover who we really are.. “sometimes” is every time and the only way down the rabbit hole is through a place where bullshit and baggage don’t fit. it’s the moment you realize the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t the illusion –

the medicine of Maya

June 16, 2019 Today is rough. After taking a look at our financials today I began to weep. Rather uncontrollably. It’s been a very rocky first half of the year. Plans for our