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You Are the Medicine

You are the Medicine. Life is the Ritual.

we live in extraordinary times. the world is changing so rapidly as the old, linear ways of approaching life are broken and falling away… this is actually positive news as the collective is ready for a radical transformation of consciousness. we live on an ascending planet who has already succeeded in her mission and holds space for humanity to decide if we can come together as ONE.  as we move into a new part of the galaxy, we are returning to a time simultaneously familiar and new… the effects of this are palpable and are pushing each of us individually to evolve.. these are ascension energies and they aren’t always comfortable. we are moving beyond the known and discovering that we are on the initiatic path of cosmic evolution…

It’s time to embody a new vision of cocreation & coexistence – a quantum leap in the awareness of how we see ourselves…  peace & respect for all beings.. a sense of connection & unification with Life. A New Earth is being born and as it comes into being, the associated chaos poses challenges that simultaneously make room for the new to birth into being. Wonderful new experiences will envelope us as we embrace and embody our true divinity. 

During this time of great awakening on Earth there will exist much chaos. The old systems are falling apart, as they must, in order to create space for the New. Humanity is on the brink of accepting that things will not be returning “back to normal”. Many are realizing that “normal” never existed and are allowing the illusory aspects of the 3D to dissolve.

Many are realizing this time in our collective story is an opportunity to responsibly begin creating the new; to take the most important spiritual journey within and re-connect with their Soul and Source Energy. For in order to know what kind of world to create, we must know who we are and what that truly means for creating a world of health and harmony for all living beings, human, plant, animal and mineral kingdoms collectively existing on Mother Earth.

Humanity has not been living in harmony with Earth or any of the kingdoms, including humanity itself. We have allowed ourselves to become convinced that life on Earth is intended to be a battleground – full of fear, dis-ease, lack and war, but this very low vibrational programming has only ever served to create more disharmony and suppress our collective consciousness into a frequency of fear.

Part of awakening is facing the shadows. The dark night of the Soul is the death of the Ego’s identity with illusion and could be called the ‘Dark Night of the Ego’ except that for the Soul, it can be a very dark process of facing certain realities beyond the scope of common thought. The more one’s consciousness expands, the more deeply and clearly one can see through the illusory 3D matrix and the “loss” of one’s identity, is something that without a spiritual perspective, can cause unnecessary grief, fear and anxiety. Human conditioning has taught us that when we “let go” we lose something, but spiritually and truthfully, when we let go of what no longer serves us, we become truly free to embody our soul’s fullest potential.

Below is an amazing medicine music journey, by Om Aloha, speaking directly to the times of ascension we are in now. I recommend sitting with it in meditation or walking in nature with it as the messages and the music expand our conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here now. 


Infinite blessings and love. c. 

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